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  • Suggest open world for consumers and providers
  • Give back individual's network and storage rights through establishing a sharing economy
  • Let users fully utilize network and storage infrastructure


  • Establish a distributed virtual data center that has no single point of failure
  • Provide low fee, stable, and secure services
  • Be honest and achieve sustainable growth

Virtual Software Defined Data Center (vSDDC) based on Blockchain

Provide security/application solutions on a distributed infrastructure powered by OWDIN-PORT®


OWDIN-PORT® is a blockchain solution developed by OWDIN that allows aggregation and encryption of multiple internet connections terminating them through OWDIN-PORT®. It is a cloud infrastructure which enables users to enjoy more secure, reliable, and net neutral internet, as well as dedicated public IP(to be developed in OWDIN BGP).

The aggregation is based on FAST-TCP, which is ISP, WAN, and latency independent whether it is fiber, VDSL, SHDSL, ADSL or even 4G. Different scenarios can be configured to have either aggregation or failover based on FAST-TCP.

It is user-friendly and also provides the compatibility of installing other packages like VPN, QoS, mesh routing protocols, monitoring, internet accelerator and etc., through web-interface.

  • Blockchain Node
  • Application Supports
    • WebRTC
    • Reverse Proxy
  • OWDIN Overlay Network
    • WarpTunnel
    • OpenFlow
    • SDN Orchestration
  • PUF Security Chip
  • Embedded Linux Firmware
  • Network Acceleration
    • Fast TCP (TCP Congestion Tuning)
    • IP Split
  • Distributed Storage
    • OpenIO
    • IPFS

Network Acceleration

TCP Congestion Avoidance

Ordinary TCP
Fast TCP

FAST TCP (also written FastTCP) is a TCP congestion avoidance algorithm especially targeted at long-distance, high latency links, developed at the Netlab, California Institute of Technology and now being commercialized by FastSoft.

OWDIN Gateway greatly improves both download and upload speed of network through self-developed and tuned TCP congestion avoidance algorithm.

TCP Split (Wireless Acceleration)

TCP Split 1
TCP Split 2
  • When packet loss occurs receiver sends SACK to sender
  • In the wired network there is no significant delay, but in a wireless environment, the overall network transmission efficiency is degraded due to frequent packet losses
  • With OWDIN Gateway’s TCP Split Option, SACK is not transmitted to the remote server to prevent reduction of CWND of the server. The lost packets are retransmitted from local by OWDIN-PORT.
  • Provides specialized transmission efficiency especially for wireless users